Friday, April 24, 2009

Frosting. Frosting. Frosting

I made some chocolate frosting tonight for a cupcake order and it smelled delish! It had semi-sweet chocolate squares, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, butter and vanilla-but what really made it amazing was the heavy cream-yummo! It wasn't as hearty as a usual buttercream since I didn't pipe it in a pastry bag so I decided to give the cupcakes a little "star power". I made some royal icing (not my fave--consistency was way wrong for piping). I died half of the batch robin's egg blue and the other half a light brown. Then I scooped each of these halves into the sides of my pastry bag. I used a ribbon tip and I was so thrilled with the results. They felt very springy to me and it was amazing how the colors took on  a life of their own. Each beautiful cupcake was topped with a baby blue chocolate egg--I'd say this was a sweet success.

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