Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Graduation Cupcakes

Happy Graduation!!
Ah, remember the days; those last few days of high school and then freedom loomed-little did we know we were better off there than in the real world, but thats another story, lol. I had to make 80 graduation cupcakes for a new "almost out of high schooler" and found an idea on the internet. It required creating some graduation themed picks with popsicle sticks to stick in the cupcakes. Also, I created tiny graduation diploma scrolls with rolled up parchment paper and a little ribbon. Finally, I added a few little embellishments that I found at the grocery store: candles in the shape of a graduation cap. That coupled with graduation cupcake liners, and some gold icing dust created a nice looking group of graduation cupcakes! See the photos:

Here are the picks made out of black and gold scrapbook cardstock and some from prebought stickers pasted on cardstock:

The tiny scrolls made out of parchment looked adorable:

In the front row you can see the graduation caps I mentioned:

Here's a long view of the set:

One of two boxes-all ready to go! They made it just fine to their destination-no problems during delivery, lol!!

Yankees Cupcakes

I had an order for a young Yankees fan who needed some cupcakes to impress his fellow teammates and ballers, so I started getting to work on some cupcakes using fondant "accessories". A couple days ahead I cut out some fondant discs for baseballs and created a template for some jerseys. I also created tiny picks made out of Yankees images from the web. I went with red, white and blue to go with that hometown baseball feel and I think they were a "homerun!" He really got a kick out of them and his three brothers too, so that's all that really matters!! It was alot of fun making these too, plus I learned a little bit about the Yankees along the way!! Go Team!!

This was a special one of a kind created for the birthday boy:

Here's the whole group of them (sixty to be exact)

These are the baseballs, jerseys and matching swirled cupcakes. There is a Derek Jeter #2 jersey and of course, the birthday boy is #1. Also did the Yankees logo on some of the jerseys.

Close-up of jerseys

Close up of baseballs. I had an real baseball next to me while I was creating these and turned it in different angles to get the stitching as realistic as possible. They turned out pretty cool!

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Beautiful Bridal Shower Cupcakes!!
I was asked to make some cupcakes for a bridal shower, so once again I found myself turning to those beautiful "speak for themselves" edible flowers. I had originally bought some cheesy plastic fake silver rings from Michaels, but they just didn't make the cut. I think I definately made the right choice on this one. Plus, I finally figured out how to make those beautiful thick piled up perfect swirls (want the secret?? 1m tip !!!!--but I am sure you all knew that!) Anyway, I mixed some colored gels into my tinted frosting and added some glittery sprinkles and viola-it's as if some fairies are having a tea party--don't you agree?? I just love pastels, flowers, swirls, glitter and pretty petite flowers--adorable combo!

Everything looks better when saturated in pinks, lol:

That's a heart shaped mini cake in the middle of the surrounding cuppies:

Pretty little pansies ready to be ooed and awwed and eaten!!