Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Graduation Cupcakes

Happy Graduation!!
Ah, remember the days; those last few days of high school and then freedom loomed-little did we know we were better off there than in the real world, but thats another story, lol. I had to make 80 graduation cupcakes for a new "almost out of high schooler" and found an idea on the internet. It required creating some graduation themed picks with popsicle sticks to stick in the cupcakes. Also, I created tiny graduation diploma scrolls with rolled up parchment paper and a little ribbon. Finally, I added a few little embellishments that I found at the grocery store: candles in the shape of a graduation cap. That coupled with graduation cupcake liners, and some gold icing dust created a nice looking group of graduation cupcakes! See the photos:

Here are the picks made out of black and gold scrapbook cardstock and some from prebought stickers pasted on cardstock:

The tiny scrolls made out of parchment looked adorable:

In the front row you can see the graduation caps I mentioned:

Here's a long view of the set:

One of two boxes-all ready to go! They made it just fine to their destination-no problems during delivery, lol!!


ARUNA said...

these are awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kati,found you through the foodieblogroll and your site and cupcakes look so cool.I love the graduation hats and your Yankee cupcakes. But what I'd love most is to guide our readers to your site, if you won't mind.Just add this foodista widget to this post and it's all set to go, Thanks! -Alisa@Foodista