Thursday, April 9, 2009

Peep Show

Well, I had a great time producing my first ever "Peep Show" this evening! Not the R-rated one for those who have their minds wandering! No, this was the classic Easter treat-Marshmallow peeps. I tried dipping them in chocolate and putting them on a large dollop of buttercream swirls. Of course, I needed a cupcake first and foremost-so I went with the old stand-by: chocolate! Here is a look at the latest showgirls-- Hope you like them!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bakerella's Hot Spring Chicks

Well, I gave the cupcake pops that Bakerella created a whirl. After alot of minor problems, lol, I came up with my own version of the "hot spring chicks". How did everyone else's come out?? I am still trying to figure out how Bakerella gets them so darn perfect--she is gifted!! Mine are bit of a mess, but I feel like they are cute, funny and whimsical. Almost like catching them with their shower caps on --can you tell what I mean. Either a shower cap or an Easter bonnet! You be the judge. Either way, they go down deliciously and are oh so cute--it's just a shame to eat them-oh well, the trials of being a baker! 

Looking for the perfect chocolate cupcake recipe!

Well everyone, I am on a mission!! I have to make a BIG impression this weekend for an old friend who is trusting me with her family's tastebuds. I've been scouring all of my favorite cupcake websites looking for that truly unique and delectable cupcake. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love some help. I've consulted the divine Miss Martha, Gourmet magazine, Magnolia Bakery's recipes, and countless others. Now, they are all starting to blend together (no pun intended). I could use some help here to narrow down the millions of options before me. Thanks in advance. I am looking for a basic vanilla or white cupcake and a basic chocolate-but they must have that WOW factor! Come on fellow cupcakers-I know you have some suggestions-don't fail me now!