Monday, June 29, 2009

A different kind of banana split with a faux fondant cherry on top!!

Unique Banana Splits!!
I made these banana split cupcakes with my Katis Kupcakes FaceBook group, called Kati's Kupcakes Bake Along. This week a group member picked a banana split cupcake recipe from the website "" It started out as a box mix base, then you enhanced the mix with bananas, maraschino cherries and chocolate chips--plus just for fun and to go with the whole "banana split theme", I added sprinkles too! After cooking the cupcakes and allowing them to cool, you ice them (I used a marshmallow buttercream) and add some hot fudge and a cherry on top! To be different and since I love creating fondant decorations, I added some sculpted cherries which I fashioned out of fondant!! I tinted some white fondant red to represent the cherries and put a small dent in the top and inserted a small green stem!! These were fun. I even put them in a tall icecream parlor like glass for the old fashioned icecream shop feel!! Very fun to make--next up for the group--Rocky Road Cupcakes!!! Enjoy!

Cupcakes at the beach

Cupcakes at the beach

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Beach Scene Cupcakes

Sweet Suprise for a friend!
My friend invited me to a swim team gala she was having at her house for members of our local community. It was an adult social event for the parents of all those talented kiddies on the highly acclaimed town swim team. Sadly, my kids are NOT on the swim team and even more sad is that two out of three of my children are non-swimmers-but, that's a story for a different blog--back to the cupcakes!! She invited my husband and I to her "casual cocktails" event and we gladly jumped at the chance to have a night out. My mind starting working as to what kind of cupcakes I could suprise her with for the evening. I had wanted to do some summer themed cupcakes and started working on some fondant cut-outs and carvings and naturally you can guess what type of cupcakes she received---I present my beach themed cupcakes for a dear friend who allowed some "non-swimming parents" to her swim team party! Hope you like them!! Most of the cupcake toppers are made from tinting gumpaste and fondant. I created several templates for the fish and shovels and the rest just tried to be creative with!!