Monday, June 29, 2009

A different kind of banana split with a faux fondant cherry on top!!

Unique Banana Splits!!
I made these banana split cupcakes with my Katis Kupcakes FaceBook group, called Kati's Kupcakes Bake Along. This week a group member picked a banana split cupcake recipe from the website "" It started out as a box mix base, then you enhanced the mix with bananas, maraschino cherries and chocolate chips--plus just for fun and to go with the whole "banana split theme", I added sprinkles too! After cooking the cupcakes and allowing them to cool, you ice them (I used a marshmallow buttercream) and add some hot fudge and a cherry on top! To be different and since I love creating fondant decorations, I added some sculpted cherries which I fashioned out of fondant!! I tinted some white fondant red to represent the cherries and put a small dent in the top and inserted a small green stem!! These were fun. I even put them in a tall icecream parlor like glass for the old fashioned icecream shop feel!! Very fun to make--next up for the group--Rocky Road Cupcakes!!! Enjoy!

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