Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Cupcake Fun

This was my Easter Cupcake Extravaganza!! Hope you enjoy looking at them-I had a blast creating them! Too cute to eat-thank goodness they were for someone else-it would break my heart eating those precious little bunnies and chicks, lol--so cute!! Happy Easter!

Loved dipping the Peeps bunnies in chocolates--their ears look soo cute that way, heehee!!

Chocolate and Vanilla Easter cupcakes! Found these adorable little Easter picks at craft store!
Here is an assortment of the different cupcakes I decorated-so much fun!!
Decided to put some peeps on my cupcakes--isn't Easter without Peeps!!
Here is some edible Easter grass imported from Germany-I thought it looked adorable! 
 This was def. a lot of fun-but intense--supplies everywhere!! I felt like I was back in Art school again in the studio, late at night just experimenting with colors and textures while I created these gems!!
I started with a basic chocolate and vanilla cupcake, each topped with buttercream icing. I think the chocolate cupcake came out better than the vanilla, however, after they were all dolled up-it didn't matter really-the "fancy schmanciness" of them deflected from any flavor issues-lol! But the only downside--lots of cleaning up-you wouldn't believe what the kitchen looked like--I have some work to do in that area--I'm still just a messy artist at heart!! Happy Easter

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