Friday, May 1, 2009

Give me SOME-MORES!!!

Smores--that old campfire favorite is still as delicious even without the camping out, as my kids informed me the other day. They were my official testers for these yummy looking cupcakes. I started out with a graham cracker base, added the chocolate batter equipped with mini chocolate chips, topped it off with gooey marshmallow topping-added some graham cracker crumbs and plopped a big square of Hersheys chocolate on top! If you could have smelled the kitchen--to DIE for!!! Who says you need a campfire or a tent to enjoy Smores??

Well, I have embarked on making my Smores cupcakes! I used Bake and Destroy's Smores Cupcake recipe and it was a great payoff--they smelled, looked and tasted amazing!! Here's some photos of the finished product!

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