Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cupcake Pops

I Made more Cupcake Pops!!

I had to run a workshop about cupcakes for first graders at my son's school the other day. I didn't have much time; about twenty minutes-so I thought of Bakerella's ( cupcake pops! It was alot of prep work; but the kids had a ball. These were some samples for them to take home but they each got to dip their own and make two pops ("one for now; one for later" the teacher told them!) I did the prepping for this project the night before by making all of the cake balls. The day of the event, I attached the sticks to the pops and when I got to the elementary school, I put them right in the cafeteria freezer. Next, I heated my Wilton chocolate melting pot and made a cupcake pop station complete with sprinkles, melted chocolate pot, a big tray of cupcake pops on a stick and of course, a big square of stryofoam to dry the ones being saved for later! The kids got to also make a little tag for their pop and pick out a cute ribbon to tie on their bagged up pop! That day, I think I was the hit of the first grade--hey, even though it was only for a brief time-I enjoyed having alot of fans--I think the cupcake pops, melted chocolate and sprinkles had a LOT to do with my popularity that day (thanks Bakerella once again!)

More cake pops!!!

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