Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tie Dye Cupcakes with Tie Dye Frosting!

Had a request for tie-dye cupcakes recently. Therefore, I grabbed a bunch of bowls, spoons and food coloring and got busy! I added different colors to my plain vanilla cupcake batter (above). I  then layered the different colors in each cupcake liner and before putting them in the oven, I swirled the colors with a toothpick (see below).

Here's how the cupcakes looked before going in the above (above) and then how they looked once they were cooked and removed from the oven (below). I was pleased that the colors stayed pretty true and didn't have much fading!!

For a final effect of tie dye craziness, I tinted the buttercream frosting in shades of pink, purple and green and swirled them in my pastry bag to wrap up the theme!! On top, a tiny little candy heart completes the sweet deal!! They ended up being very well received and luckily didn't taste as zany as they looked--described as delish--yummo!



Anonymous said...

pretty cupcakes. all though i didn't like how the icing waz really bland colors. try using brighter colors next time.


grace marks said...

more colorful colorz would really hellp a lot.