Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well, getting excited and ready for the fourth Iron Cupcake Challenge! Tonight's event, which I am hosting, is complete with talented bakers, four amazing judges, wonderful prizes, anticipated delish cupcakes and the chance to support a wonderful worthy charity!! This event is a dress-up event and I have secured a great costume--a vampire witch with faux eyelashes, black lipstick, long black wig and white ghoulish face paint! I can hardly contain my excitement--but not just for dressing up and feeling like a kid again. I am excited for the fun we always have at these challenges!! I will be bringing many cupcake related door prizes for folks; my official $300 sound system fit with high tech microphone and the awards/certificates for the new winners of the Iron Cupcake Challenge!! Tonight's charity is the Knight Park Playground Foundation and its goal is to provide a safe and fun playground for kids of all physical abilities and ages. One of the most exciting parts of tonight's challenge is that it's being hosted by Connie and Stink Fischer of Collingswoods infamous, The PopShop! The PopShop has been featured on the Food Network because of their unique and whimsical menu featuring over 30 kinds of grilled cheese, dozens of unusual pancakes, soda fountain drinks/desserts and more! BOBBY FLAY himself challenged Stink (owner) to a grilled cheese throwdown recently and I bet you don't need to tell you who won--STINK!! The food, atmosphere, and owners are unmatched-so please come join us for a wonderful night of delicious cupcakes (this month's secret ingredient is: PUMPKIN, of course!), great friendly competition, amazing food, Halloween dress-up ghoulish fun and wonderful prizes!!