Saturday, September 5, 2009

GumPaste Flowers/Sugar Craft

I am in love with gumpaste flowers! I had an order to create some special flowers for some cupcakes a friend was sending a special ladyfriend. These had to be remarkable! So, I started by tinting some sugar gumpaste pink. I used a 5-petal flower cutter and cut out the flower designs. Then I took my large ball roller and rolled over the leaves.

After I rolled the leaves, I had to turn the flowers over and put a dent in the opposite side. I continued this and made about 40 of them. They were cute like this, but had much more dimension after I added the inner petal colors.

Here I placed the flowers in a small palette to allow them to begin to dry and keep their shape. I added the tiny balls of yellow and then green in the center of the roses and used my veiner tool to punch tiny holes in the center pieces. I used a dab of liquid gumpaste as a "glue" to keep the centers in place. After that, I sprinkled a tiny bit of edible gold dust on them.

Here are the six wild roses I crafted, they are now drying out. In the meantime, I cut some tiny green leaves using a small leaf cutter. I just love the color palette, very vintage and muted.

Here is a closeup of the leaves while they are drying out. Can you see the gold shimmer on them-added the tiny edible gold luster to these also. In addition, I used two different colors to make them pop when they are added to the roses for extra dimension.
Here is a closeup of the dried wild roses. The gold luster dust gives them a shimmery glow. They are quite delicate, but once they dry out will be easy to handle. Very elegant! Time to dry out for at least 24 hours.

Next day, I made the cupcakes and created the frosting. I tinted the frosting in three different tones using food coloring to bring the whole look together.

Here is the pink frosting being put on the cupcakes with a large pastry tip-look at those swirls
Here are the yellow tinted cupcakes being completed. Note: always start your frosting around the outer edge and work your way inwards--piling up the frosting as you go round.
Here is the green frosting. I took a risk and tried a three pronged pastry tip to serve as "grass" to put the flowers on. It paid off and I think it served its purpose. You'll see what I mean below
Quick shot of the cupcakes and the process for filling the pastry bags, I use a large beer glass to drape the pastry bag over and stuff my frosting in. Easy method for keeping things tidy!
And introducing... the completed cupcakes with the gumpaste flowers. I'd love your thoughts on how they turned out! Leave a comment if you'd like-always appreciated!
I was quite proud and think they came together did the client--his little ladyfriend gave him a big hug and kiss--guess these really were magical, lol!

I am now in love with gumpaste flowers and will be tackling many more--I even went out and bought three new books filled with ideas--think I will be quite busy learning some new tricks!

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