Monday, August 3, 2009


Iron Cupcake Challenge: MOORESTOWN

Well, I hosted my first ever Iron Cupcake Challenge here in MOORESTOWN, NJ this past Friday evening. LET'S JUST SAY THINGS GOT A LITTLE WILD, LOL!

While I was thoroughly amazed at the amount of bakers that wanted to be part of the event, it was also hard to reign in the crowd with FIFTY FOUR bakers making cupcakes. To expedite time, we split the four judges in team of two and they were very happy that they did not have to actually taste over fifty cupcakes each, lol. The event had a charity auction as well and the whole goal of the evening for me was to raise funds for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation-a pediatric cancer foundation that raises funds and research for patients and their families. I AM PROUD TO SAY WE RAISED OVER TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR THE CAUSE AND HAD ALMOST 500 PEOPLE/PASSERBY'S PARTICIPATE-including our own furry green monster, the Phillies Phanatic. Here are some pix from the evening:

The "CROWN" for my top prize winner, SANDY KOORY of Moorestown

Here is a photo of me with just a small glimpse of the amazing auction items we received from reknowned sports teams like the Philadelphia Phillies, 76'ers basketball group and the Flyers Hockey organization-autographed hockey sticks, pucks, posters, basketball jerseys, etc.

Me and my son, just before the big event got officially underway-boy did he have alot of cupcakes that day--there were well over 3,000 cupcakes at this event-we even sold cupcakes and lemonade to help raise more funds for the charity.

Here is a photo of the Philadelphia Phillies PHANATIC, doing his 'schtick'-stopping traffic, opening car doors, laying on the street, wiping bald heads and having goofy fun-crowd ate it all up and really enjoyed his antics!

Photo of our first prize winner, Sandy Koory, next to one of the judges, Bob-the hound-Kelly, a former Philadelphia Hockey star for the FLYERS and all around nice guy!

Phanatic goofing off again, stirring up the pot and causing trouble, lol


My adorable daughter hamming it up with the Phillie Phanatic-what a pair, haha

Closing off the festivities with a raffle and many thank yous to all the sponsors, bakers and helpers!

The big crowd lined up along Main Street to be part of the fun/action!

Here's a few shots of some of the many diverse and wonderful cupcakes:

A great time was had by all-including our judges. Here Bob Kelly and Rick Williams conspire to find the best cupcake of the evening!

Once again, thanks to all who participated; donated time, money, items and everything else-
without your help this wouldn't have been such an amazing success-see you at the next one, lol

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