Monday, July 27, 2009

Japanese Tea Gardens and Cupcakes


Recently I visited the beautiful Bay Area and had a chance to go to the lovely Golden Gate Park. I visited the Japanese Tea Gardens with my daughter and she picked up a lovely Japanese umbrella. The colors were muted pinks and greens with simple inky drawings of birds and flowers. The umbrella is beautiful and the gardens are stunning. I made some cupcakes recently that depict my visit there. The bright hues in that garden were eye popping. That was the idea of the frosting on these cupcakes, bright, beautiful, eye-catching and cheery. PS-If you look close enough, you may see my daughter's adorable Japanese umbrella in the background. She lent it to me for the picture but I had to promise to give her a cupcake, lol! Good compromise, I'd say she made out pretty good on the deal though!

If you ever have the chance to visit the gardens, it's a must. I can't promise that you'll get cupcakes on your visit, but just think, you'll have plenty of gorgeous, bright and cheery "real"flowers and horticulture to look at! You'll be so busy exploring the foliage, you'll forget all about the cupcakes! :)

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